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Our Services

Manual Labour


We have been in the industry for several years and have an extensive network of
business we partner with. There is tremendous room for growth. Our dedicated
workers progress rapidly from temporary to permanent positions with us.



Warehouse Workers


This is fairly light work with limited heavy lifting. In case heavy lifting is required, you shall be instructed and guided on what to do.

As a warehouse worker, you will be charged with the following responsibilities:


  • Picking up and/or packing shipments
  • Arranging incoming stock
  • Shipping out orders
  • Confirming incoming stock
  • Arranging deliveries



Why work with us?

Our work contracts are flexible. You can choose a day-to-day employment contract, or make a longer-term commitment.
What we need of you is commitment, diligence, punctuality, and proof that you are legible to work in the UK.

Property maintenance