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The nature of our work calls for reflection and thoughtful service delivery. We assist our clients when they are at their most vulnerable, and we do this with great compassion and empathy.

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Founded in 2010, A.T Alida Temp Recruits, formerly Alida Health, is among the leading health and social care, security, cleaning and human resource recruiting service providers in the UK. After flourishing as a local enterprise, we have grown into one of the UK’s leading agencies that provide compassionate and professional live-in care solutions for a wide range of needs. 

We provide expert care and support to 100+ top companies nationwide. We offer compassionate and professional services.

Your Bespoke Facilities Management Partner

We are available to deliver bespoke facilities management services to businesses so that they can focus on other essential aspects of their operations. Our comprehensive facilities management solutions help professionals with everyday business needs, and we provide merged solutions if businesses are looking to create a cost-effective and convenient package.

Our catering services range from “High Street” quality retail selections for staff and visitors to “a la carte” steam options for patients. We take pride in our parking and security services, which have gained accreditation from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

At Alida Temp (A.T) Recruits, we believe that our business is integrated into our community, and we give back to numerous charities while making kindness to the environment part of our practice. We recognise that by helping our clients when they are at their most vulnerable, we are positively impacting the lives of those in our community.

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements and enquire about costs. We believe in serving the community with a personal touch.