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Flexible Cleaning Excellence


We ensure we use the right chemicals used by fully trained and vetted staff that takecare of furnishings, and work with the greatest efficiency to cause minimal disruptions. Our staff is thorough, reaching into every nook and cranny leaving your office or residential floors, walls and surfaces fresh, dust and debris free

We understand that your business operations need to continue with the shortest span of interruption. Whether we are cleaning carpets or deep cleaning in furnished office spaces, our team operates fast and effectively to the best of their capability. For your carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery cleaning needs, we are here to assist. Our services range from residential to commercial, flood damage, and specialized Covid-19 decontamination cleaning.

For your professional cleaning needs nationwide, Alida Temps Solutions are flexible to work night or day shifts so you experience minimal disruptions in your operations. We cater for ad hoc requests with a rapid response team that will get to you in as little as an hour.