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Training and Mentorship


Alida Temps Recruits committed to improving young people’s development and skills and UK communities. Our infiNEET program is a step for young people aged between 14 and 24 to get a tast of work experience in the facility services sector.
We partner with local authorities t seek funding for training, mentorship and placement programs for young people.

The campaign focuses on closing the gap between expectations set on new recruits versus their actual capabilities when they enter the world of work. 

Training Orientation

Once enrolled in one of our traineeships, we conduct orientation programs to ensure your success within the program.

Support for you every step of the way

During our traineeship engagement with you we:

  • Provide an optimum period of job experience beneficial to the student
  • Detail a plan of the process using Alida Temp Solutions Work Inspiration guidelines
  • Meet and effectively correspond with the students, organiser/school/college, and our team before, during, and post-work
  • Arrange a buddy/mentor for participants’ work experience
  • Provide full induction suited to the type of work experience
  • Give student participants formal feedback at the end of the placement
  • Allow the organiser/school/college feedback on work experience
  • Encourage students to give feedback throughout the placement
  • For trainees in school settings, coordinating with career guidance staff to establish learners’ goals, and assess readiness for employment.


We are committed to mentoring young people so they achieve greater
success in the personal, educational and career lives. We support young people at various stages of their education and career development.

During our mentorship engagement with you we:

  • Developing, implementing and managing a variety of job placement and work-based learning activities
  • Assessing you for job readiness, career exploration, navigation, coaching and/or counseling, and job preparation skills training
  • Providing direct support to you including information and guidance about requirements of specific occupations; job market trends; proper work habits; and techniques for competing for jobs, including appropriate dress, preparing resumes, and interviewing strategies.
  • Advising you in your preparation to seek employment
  • Connecting you to employers by facilitating interviews, matching you to internship sites, and assisting with job placements
  • Identifying mentors in your community and partnering them with you by:
    • Organizing motivational or information seminars (virtual and in-person seminars post-Covid)
    • Organizing one-on-one or limited numbers mentorship sessions


During our internships engagement with you we:

We are proud to have one of the most structured and efficient work training and internship programs within the industry. Contact us for more information.

  • Providing support for you during participation in internships including documentation, and communication between you and employers.
  • Serving as a liaison between your college, employers, and your community to participate in work based learning and job placement programs.
  • We initiate and maintaining regular contact with your educational institution and programs.
  • We collaborate with schools/colleges in developing and delivering innovative and comprehensive internship, placement and training experiences.
  • Reaching out to employers to find placement opportunities for youth.
  • We connect you to links and resources for internship, training, mentorship or work placement opportunities.